Simplify care management with Alcomy

The mobile and desktop app that makes caring easy.

Administrators choose Alcomy because it makes caring easier for everyone. With this software, your facility will streamline operations with the most intuitive app on the market. If your employees can use a smartphone, they can use Alcomy! Having achieved a 95% adoption rate, your team will be prepared to move on from your isolated paper-based system.

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Alcomy: Your Central Hub for Information and Documentation

How would your facility change if you had a simple app that told you everything you needed to do (from licensing docs to medication passes) and made it easy to do it? 

The average paper system is letting things fall through the cracks, even if it’s your facility’s pride and joy (we know—we used to do the same thing). Instead, you can use Alcomy to keep track of every single care detail. Even your self-proclaimed “technology haters” will love Alcomy. Our hundreds of customers have told us so! 

Unlock a Seamless Transition

With a 95% adoption rate, your staff will be ready to leave your siloed paper system behind. Alcomy even transfers all of the data from your old system into the app. So, what’s stopping you?

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What Is Alcomy?

Alcomy is an app that you can use on your phone, tablet, or computer. It makes documentation and management easy and helps your facility save time and money. Who doesn’t want that?

Care communities that use Alcomy are more organized and less stressed. With a user-friendly dashboard—With a suite of user friendly features your staff will spend less time documenting, make fewer mistakes, and be on top of their assignments.—your staff will find that using Alcomy is as easy as sending a text or setting a calendar reminder.

So, What Does
Alcomy Actually Do?

The golden question! There’s too much to cover but here are the highlights. Make sure to schedule a demo to see these solutions in action.

Security & Reliability Are Our First Priorities

Alcomy goes above and beyond the minimum HIPAA requirements when securing your data. We use the latest security best practices, including 256-bit military grade encryption, to ensure all your data is safe and protected.

Control who has access to specific information with customizable roles and permissions. You can even configure roles to only have access when they are physically at the facility.

As traffic increases during your busy hours, Alcomy scales with it to ensure performance isn’t compromised. We also backup and replicate your data regularly over multiple data centers. You know … in case that meteor ever strikes!

As we create new features to improve care, your software will update automatically. You’ll never have to worry about hidden fees or outdated features.

Alcomy gives you a rich digital experience to manage your organization without having to employ IT professionals or worry about the complexities of software development and maintaining servers.

Facilities We Serve

Users typically use our care management solutions here:

  • Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE)
  • Residential Assisted Living (RAL)
  • Assisted Living Facility (ALF)
  • Adult Residential Facility (ARF)
  • Home Care
  • Day Programs

Alcomy Revolutionizes Assisted Living Software

Alcomy’s Distinction From Assisted Living Software:

Unlike so many developers who see an opportunity for profit but lack experience in our industry, we understand the challenges of facility administration. We did it for decades, and we built Alcomy to make facility management easier and (almost) stress-free.

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