Care management solutions built by people who know the industry

We know care management tools have been stuck in the past – so we created Alcomy to be your one-stop-shop for care management, from documentation to medication to notes and beyond. And the best part? It’s extremely easy to use so you don’t skip a beat.

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Your All-In-One Software Solution

Why do long-term care businesses need Alcomy?

During your average workday, you’re worried about much more than residents eating well and getting quality rest. You’re deciding when to order medication, noticing behavioral changes, ensuring every detail is recorded, communicating with family, and so much more.

We knew, after so many years in the long-term care industry, that there had to be a better way than paper and an online Word document. So, we created Alcomy—a care management solution that streamlines and elevates the quality care you already give.

Care Management Solutions

Designed to Make
Care Management Easier

From logging behavior change to alerting you when a compliance document will be due, Alcomy makes care easier:

Medication Management

Never miss even the smallest detail when taking care of medications (and we truly mean the smallest detail!) When you see all that Alcomy can do for medication management, you’ll be ready to kiss that paper system goodbye.

  • Digital e-Mar
  • Order medication
  • Automatic auditing and reporting
  • Missed documentation alerting
  • Physician prescription script management

Document Management

Whether it’s for better care or being prepared when those licensing docs are due, your business needs an organized way to store documents. Alcomy gives you a centralized hub for all legal and medical records and documents.

  • Digital signatures
  • Document renewal reminders
  • Print directly from the dashboard
  • Customized templates for common documents
  • Automatic auditing for document compliance

Care Management

Improve your clients’ quality of life by organizing their ADLs with care management solutions. Alcomy has 16 different log types, from blood pressure to behavior changes, that give your staff vital information for better care.

  • Missed documentation alerting
  • Ability to set ADL tasks for each resident
  • Set schedules and instructions that will automatically show up for staff
  • Comprehensive history of completed and uncompleted care with reasons for non-completion


Make sure all your staff is on the same page with team announcements and reminders in the dashboard. You can even require staff to acknowledge that they’ve read the information before accessing their profile.

  • Keep clear records of all client information
  • Share records with family members and physicians
  • Use record sharing to improve staff collaboration 

Notebooks & Logs

Instead of shift notes that get locked away in a filing cabinet, our care management solutions give your staff a better way to record all observations and vital information. Log up to 16 ADLs to improve your quality of care.

  • Speech-to-text feature
  • HIPAA-compliant recording
  • 16 separate logs make data more user-friendly
  • Quickly notice changes and find patterns


Stay ahead of surveys and audits while getting the most out of your long-term care unit. Alcomy’s dashboard helps you audit easily, quickly respond to discrepancies, and learn from past mistakes.

  • Audit tracking
  • Real-time alerting for discrepancies
  • Automatic reports to help you review data in detail

Security Features

The data you’re storing is a major target for online criminals. We’re committed to secure care management solutions:

Is It Just a Fancy To-Do List?

Definitely not! Our care management solutions are designed to take care of tasks for you, not just tell you what you need to get done.

  • Auditing & reporting 
  • Advanced medication management capabilities
  • Announcement features, document sharing & team collaboration
  • State licensing, compliance tracking & renewal management 
  • Care continuity features, such as the ability to share information with designated medical professionals

What Makes Alcomy Different?

Alcomy’s Distinction From Assisted Living Software

Imagine listing every stressor you’ve ever experienced in the long-term care industry and then customizing software to help you solve them. That’s what we did with Alcomy’s care management solutions.

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